Vermont Foundry Company division of Mahoney Foundries Inc.
Brass and Bronze sand castings (Since 1946)
Who we are and what we do
Vermont Foundry Company is a Division of Mahoney Foundries Incorporated. We are non-ferrous jobbing foundry specializing in the production of brass, bronze and copper base sand castings. So many foundries claim they are a brass foundry, when they are no more than an aluminum or iron foundry dabbling in brass. Our entire operation is setup to pour exclusively brass and bronze alloys. If our customers have a requirement for aluminum, we will simply forward an existing tool to our dedicated aluminum Foundry, Mahoney Foundry. The segregation of the brass and aluminum foundries eliminates any cross contamination between the two.

We excel at adapting your existing tooling to fit our process along with the design and development of new tooling. Our in house and sub-contract pattern facilities can handle any of your tooling needs.

You want low-lead castings, you got it. Half of our annual production is made up of low-lead casting and we have been at it since the inception of the low-lead brasses. We are experts in this arena.

Quality controls employing the latest in industry standards can be found in each process, from the shop floor on up to top-level management. Our castings are thoroughly inspected at each stage of production. We utilize an (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning software package specifically tailored for the foundry industry. It has allowed us to manage all aspects of our business and drive continuous improvement.
Quality Policy
Vermont Foundry Company is engaged in the production of copper based alloy sand castings. It is our belief that a quality - conscious company will build on its own reputation; therefore a program of controlled quality is a necessity.

The employees of Vermont Foundry Company are committed to maintaining the Quality System to provide a continuously improving facility and product for our employees and customers. The Quality System allows Vermont Foundry Company to manufacture quality castings that meet customer specifications with timely delivery and at a competitive price. We have become a leading manufacturer in our industry and the Quality system will assure our position.
See What Our Clients Are Saying
"Vermont is one of our best suppliers. They provide competitive pricing with quality product that is always on time. We value our relationship and love doing business with Vermont. "
— Commercial Plumbing Manufacturer

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Our Facilities
Vermont Foundries specializes in copper and bronze castings for firetruck equipment in Vermont, IL
1005 North Main Street Vermont, IL 61484
Phone Number: (309) 784-2311

Our 58,000 square-foot facility in West Central, Illinois allows us to serve customers from coast to coast. Experienced personnel, excellent facilities and a sincere desire to serve our customers make Vermont Foundry Company a superb choice for your casting Vermont Foundries casts copper and bronze castings for faucet and sink equipment in Vermont, ILrequirements.

Our facilities and commitment to service makes it easy for Mahoney Foundries to fully serve its customers anywhere in North America.
Our Other Divisions
Aluminum Casting Division
 Controlled Machining
Vermont foundries is a division of Mahoney Foundries which is an Aluminum Sand Casting Supplier specializing in producing aluminum sand castings in their Indiana foundry
Mahoney Foundries specializes in Aluminum, Brass and Copper casting machining at their Indiana facility.
Our Indiana Foundry Division located in Kendallville, Indiana is our aluminum casting facility.

Controlled Machining gives us the added capability of machining both aluminum and brass castings to your exact specifications.                  
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